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What can an Interior Designer do for you?
Interior designer, Alicia Phillips from Excellence in Design says that, “When most people think about using an interior designer, they imagine wall colours, window treatments and pillow patterns. But that’s just scratching the surface of what a designer can add to a home. A professional interior designer goes beyond cosmetic concerns to ensure that a space feels harmonious throughout from its floor plan and architectural envelope to the smallest detail.”

What an Interior Designer does…
“A designer plans and outfits spaces in a way that makes them both beautiful and functional. They balance aesthetic considerations with structural planning to reflect the clients’ lifestyle and complement the home’s architectural features and they ensure that less glamorous details (like electrical outlets and air vents) fit into the scheme. An interior designer also has connections to good trades’ people, vendors and others who are important in getting the best end result.”

When to use an Interior Designer…
“You may have a clear vision for your home, but an interior designer can help you bring it to life while making sure it satisfies important considerations such as space planning. A trained eye and a creative mind can create solutions that you may not have imagined, and attention to the tiniest details will transform your space into a home that looks polished and well put together.”

“Involve the designer as early as possible in the building process. If you’re renovating or building from scratch, include the designer in the planning stages with your architect and building contractor. This way, all involved will all be on the same page and can work through any potential problems— particularly those involving the main areas of a home, and the location of doorways, windows, ceiling beams and interior columns.”

“Kitchens and bathrooms need the most consideration and planning and are often the most expensive rooms of the home too. Homeowners often feel overwhelmed, with so many options and so many things they would like to accomplish, and this is where a professional in interior design can guide them through the process, highlight the best options, add some clever ideas to the mix and talk through all that can be achieved in their space for their budget. Kitchen and Bathroom Designers have access to planning tools and technology that most homeowners don’t have and possess the inside scoop on trends, new products and materials, building codes and technical quirks. Their industry knowledge and expertise can save a lot of time, money and frustration, so for a small outlay you can enjoy the benefits for years to come.”


Excellence in Design
Excellence in Design, has a background in commercial and residential interior design, based both in Melbourne and locally with years of experience in upmarket kitchen and bathroom showrooms as well as an extensive list of projects covering all areas of interior design and decoration.
Now offering a local interior design service specialising in kitchen and bathroom design.
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