Steely Minimalist

A truly ‘classic’ home in an unassuming street on the edge of Bairnsdale has provided inspiration and synergy for the work of designer Jo Moulten.  Jo Moulten’s story can be told in two parts. This story is about her love for design and minimalism and her house that has influenced her latest work. It is an … Continue Reading ››

A Building Passion

Making things that stand the test of time is a core value for this Upper Beaconsfield son of an Italian immigrant. “Renaissance man: A man with many talents or areas of knowledge.” Oxford Dictionary Tony Fraraccio would blush to the roots of his short red beard if you suggested he was a Renaissance man, but the cap … Continue Reading ››

It’s all natural

Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist Melissa Soutar of Tynong in West Gippsland is working on a book to guide women through Menopause naturally. “I’ve been working on a book to guide women through natural menopause options for some time. It’s based on my experiences and insights from the clinic where a large part of my clientele … Continue Reading ››

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