Soul Space: Filling a Gap

Soulspace Studios is filling a gap in the market to provide small space buildings for the accommodation industry.

The explosion of the short stay market in recent times has seen home owners creating havens in their backyards that are yielding incredible returns. In October 2015 there were more than 40,000 listings on Airbnb within Australia and this trend is not likely to slow down soon.


Travellers are on the hunt for unique and personal accommodation experiences and the range of options available from Soulspace Studios makes sure that guests are left with a wonderful impression that goes a long way in assuring repeat guests and rave reviews.
These timeless little spaces seem to spread their appeal across all ages and genders. They are as funky as any young adult could imagine or as charming as the homes that your grandparents grew up in!

Plonked on a beach or bush block they provide a truly stylish holiday getaway with all of the mod-cons. They are extremely energy efficient and low maintenance.


The buildings are prebuilt meaning little disruption to owners and neighbours and they are put in place and can be used within a day. There is nothing to do inside or out apart from connecting to your services.

Each and every studio (no matter what the use) is custom designed and built to suit the client’s needs and taste. From the initial concept to the final product, it is evident that there is passion in everything that Soulspace Studios create.


Razz and Bec (the owners) are involved in every step of the building process from the initial design all the way through to the hammer and nails and all the finer details that make these unique prefabricated buildings what they are.

Soulspace Studios are built in country Victoria and can be transported anywhere in Australia.

Contact Bec Sweeney – 0418 177 979