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Taafe Roses

After a decade of urban living operating a boutique rose nursery in Elwood, a somewhat impulsive purchase one weekend saw couple Barb and David Taaffe make the tree change from city living to the quiet country life. Barb and David swapped the hustle and bustle of an ever expanding city for the more serene life out … Continue Reading ››

The Aqueduct House

Hidden up a long gravel driveway snaking its way through the native bushland of Officer is the home of local boy Nathan Russo and his wife Paris, who up on a hilltop clearing set amongt tall gum trees, have built their uniquely designed dream home, adjacent to an historic aqueduct.

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History & Holdens

An exciting new museum will open in October that is sure to be a drawcard for lovers of Holden cars and history. Did you know that the Holden company in the early part of last century made washing machines and refrigerators? At the soon to be opened Trafalgar Holden Museum you will get the chance to … Continue Reading ››