Fresh young things

In an unassuming pocket of industrial Beaconsfield is a classy little restaurant bursting with energy and contemporary style.

The restaurant O.MY is the creation of the Bertoncello brothers, Tyson, Blayne and Chayse. With wonderful, youthful enthusiasm (all are in their early 20s) the team create inspiring and creative dishes based purely on seasonal produce.

Last year they took the brave step to discard their a la carte menu in favour of a 4, 6, 8 combination of degustation dishes. The result is a unique dining experience, unparalleled in the region.

Tyson’s own home grown vegetables, and others sourced from four offsite plots close to the restaurant, is their ‘supermarket’. The menu changes weekly according to what is in season. At the moment lots of leafy greens, kale, root vegetables, beetroot, watercress and radish is just an inkling of what the team grow and build the menu around. They also have a couple of beehives behind the restaurant, and a small courtyard laden with raised garden beds.

Wild produce is also gathered to include in the inventive dishes. Blayne often forages for wild mushrooms and wood sorrel that can be found along local streets.

The menu is built around what is in season and sometimes what locals bring to them. “We’ve been given heaps of lemons, and quinces. Meats are sourced from an organic butcher nearby and other foods include Gippsland Fernview Farm lamb and free range eggs.

Chayse, the self-described ‘wine pourer and taster’, put together a collection of elegant wines to accompany the dishes. “The whole list is based around the vegetable dishes, so you can crack open any bottle and it will go well with the vegetable and natural components of the dishes.” The beer menu includes bottles sourced from boutique brewers and distinctive international flavours. Sorry, there’s no VB here!

Although the menu is based around in-season vegetables there is a balance of meat dishes such as kingfish, oxtail, duck with rhubarb and pork dishes.

Keen to minimise wastage Blayne ensures that every part of the produce is used in an inventive way. Over the warmer months excess produce is pickled or preserved to be used in dishes throughout winter.

Since early on the boys have had an appreciation of growing things and were inspired by their father a long time market gardener in the area. Both Tyson and Blayne were running local restaurant kitchens in their late teens and today bring their creativity and inventiveness to appreciative local palates.

Despite the huge amount of time and effort the entire team puts into their unique menu the overall philosophy is simple, “we really just base it all around about what we like to eat and grow,” said Tyson.

O.MY, Wood Street Beaconsfield: Open Saturday and Sunday for lunch and dinner Wednesday to Sunday. Bookings are essential.